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Workshop. GlimmerX — declarative UI & derived reactivity in 27kb*. Part 1

Day 4


A lot of myths have accumulated around Ember and Glimmer in recent years: someone thinks that Ember weighs too much, that it is slow, outdated, and cannot solve all the modern challenges posed by a business. However, Apple, Square, LinkedIn, Intercom are still launching new products written in Ember in 2021.

We will try to sort out the misunderstandings around this ecosystem, and see if it can provide something simple, comparable to React, Vue, Svelte for the modern frontend developer.

We'll learn:

  • how to create a new project from scratch;
  • what is GlimmerX, how is it related to Glimmer VM;
  • features of declarative components;
  • lisp-like hbs syntax.

We'll also learn about derived state reactivity, asynchrony, networking, and a bit of styling. And we'll try to keep within the 27kb gzip bundle.

After the workshop, you will have an initial understanding of working with GlimmerX, the basic principles of reactivity and the specifics of writing business logic, an understanding of scenarios where this approach is justified and applicable. The knowledge gained is enough to get to know more about version 4 of Ember.js.



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