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Checkerboard. Drawing Mathematics on the Web

Day 2


Education is one of the most interesting frontend applications. Skyeng was conceived as a school of English, and for learning English video communication is enough. But one of the new products was math lessons for schoolchildren. Math is a written subject, so they began to think about how to give the user the possibility of written input, as close to realistic as possible. And they found a way.

Anton will tell you how to implement a graphical editor in a browser with freehand pen input for drawing graphs, formulas and geometric shapes. And will share how the team went down to the iron level to add even more interactivity.

The talk will include:

  • Choosing a library to create an editor, SVG or CANVAS?
  • How to bolt on a collaborative mode where teacher and student work together.
  • Creating your own tools and shapes.
  • How to make your browser work with a USB drawing tablet: a piece of hardware combining a pen that writes with ink and a tablet with a basic piece of paper in a box, you write in the pen, and everything shows up in your browser.
  • Adding an alternative math library to quickly run new features.

This talk will be of interest to middle/senior frontend developers, as well as those who are interested in online education, wishing to find a practical use for unspecified browser features.

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