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Is RacketScript a language of the future?

Day 2


While researching the applicability of formal methods and Model Checking in the context of practical software development, Sergey realized that using existing tools (Alloy and TLA+) may help in some cases, but it's still difficult due to the separation of the codebases of the developing system and the Model Checker, which in the long term can only complicate their support in the future. And realizing that no language could solve this problem except the only F* which is used by Microsoft to develop their low-level things, the speaker began to look for alternatives and found RacketScript, which may solve this problem in the future. That is why he joined the RacketScript team.

What kind of formal methods and Model Checking are, and how they can generally be applied in frontend development, and also what do Racket and RacketScript have to do with it? Sergey will answer these questions in his talk.

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