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Statoscope. Intensive care course for your bundle. Part 1

Day 2


Statoscope is a tool for analyzing webpack bundles, and Sergey is its author and maintainer. Statoscope started back in 2016 as an experiment, but now it is a full-fledged toolkit for building review, analysis, and validation. The development process of Statoscope is interesting because now there is no similar toolkit in terms of functionality and there is simply nowhere to look for a proven solution. That is why many architectural solutions have been simply trashed and reinvented.

The talk will focus on the tool, use cases, architectural solutions inside Statoscope, the difficult process of its development, and grandiose plans for it. As part of the additional workshop, Sergey will show how Statoscope works from the inside, how to create your report, how to write your own rule for validation, and answer all the audience's questions.

  • #ci/cd
  • #optimizations
  • #webpack
  • #lint
  • #monitoring


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