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React.memo — gossip/sources/edge of usefulness

Day 1


Most developers know to React.memo at the "this thing is needed to improve performance" level. But when you ask a few deep questions, like, "Do you know how to improve a performance without using memo?" "Where is the line when memo does not improve performance but slows it down?" "Do you know what a simple memo is and when does a memo become a simple memo?" And most people find it difficult to answer them. Alexander has done a whole lot of research on how React.memo works. He wants to collect all the knowledge into a talk.

From this session, you will learn how React.memo differs from React.useMemo using source code as an example, or how a hook differs from a HOC. Alexander will open the veil of sources, introduce you to the fact that under the hood memo is divided into memo and simple memo. You'll also witness the investigation of a curious story: some people think that React.memo will become the default behavior of a component, and make a compelling argument. Then, we'll look at some of Dan Abramov's tricks — how you can speed up the performance of an application without using memo. At the end, we'll create a block diagram that will tell you if you need to use React.memo now.

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