RU / Day 3 / 10:45 / Track 2

Banners are that marketing UI "additions" that for some reason you have to endure on your project where it's already hot from new features and refactoring. And it's much easier to make a mess by dragging in a suspicious iframe or a reckless trio of HTML/CSS/JS than to sit down and think over an elaborate architecture for such a seemingly secondary functionality.

Meanwhile, banners pose a lot of interesting challenges to the developer. How to provide a banner with a sufficient level of autonomy but make it predictable at the same time? How not to add too many things with the banner and not slow down the website? How to place a nice leaderboard at the top of the page and at the same time avoid layout shifts? How to protect the main website functionality from a potential bomb explosion? How to make the process of developing the banner more comfortable?

Not so long ago, Roman had to answer all these questions personally as the frontend tech leader of the Lamoda fashion retailer. Fortunately, he completed the mission and in a hurry to share this experience with you.

The talk will be interesting not only for "banner makers", but also to fans of technical puzzles and for those who like to learn from other people's mistakes. We will also look at how you can serialize Vue components, talk about the friendship of competing technologies, and find out why the Matrix can also be someone's mistake.


Роман Пятаков
Roman Pyatakov

Has been writing on JS for almost 5 years. Serves humanity through the orator skill.

Invited Experts

Александра Калинина
Alexandra Kalinina

10+ years of programming experience. Well skilled in web development: figuring out a problem where the abstraction leaked. Great experience in writing unit/integration/E2E/B2B tests using mocha/chai/sinon. Strong experience in major web development technologies, design patterns, DB design, algorithms development and data structures. Some experience in project specification and technical documentation development.