RU / Day 4 / 17:15 / Track 1

An interview with Dan Abramov conducted by Natalia Tepluhina and Nataliya Karatkova. Dan will be asked questions about frontend, what Dan is working on now, plans and so much more. The interview will be in Russian.

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Дэн Абрамов
Dan Abramov

Dan works on React.

Invited Experts

Наталия Теплухина
Natalia Tepluhina

Natalia Tepluhina is a Vue.js core team member and a Staff Frontend Engineer at GitLab.

She is a conference speaker and author of articles on different topics related to Vue.js. Thanks to these activities Natalia has got a title of Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.

Наталия Короткова
Nataliya Karatkova

Nataliya has been a web developer since 2010.

She loves the user interface development process and solving challenges behind it. Nataliya keeps up to date with developments in the modern JS and React ecosystems and sometimes combines travel with conferences.

Besides the technical, she has an arts education. She feels inspired by seeing how the digital industry has revolutionised traditional art.