RU / Day 1 / 10:45 / Track 1

We are going to take an exciting journey through the cruel world of distributed systems to learn more about the technical challenges that live there. Then, with the newly gathered knowledge, we will be able to understand the problem behind consensus algorithms. Of course, we will learn the necessary terminology on the way.

Finally, scared by some popular consensus algorithms, we are going to discuss an educational project and what it takes to build a fast linearizable key/value store in Node.js.

The talk should be helpful for any Node.js developer, independent of the experience.


Андрей Печкуров
Andrey Pechkurov

Andrey's been involved in design and development of various web apps and systems for many years and always enjoyed it. Came a long road from a greenhorn junior developer in a small product team to a solution architect in a large outsourcing company. Some time ago joined Hazelcast engineering team and started working on the company's products, including Node.js client library. Moreover, some time ago joined Node.js core team as a collaborator.

First met and fell in love with Node.js during the good old v0.12.0 era. Enjoys non-trivial technical challenges that require a deep dive. Has a personal blog, maintains several open source libraries. Constantly learns new stuff from others and shares his experience with the community.

Invited Experts

Алексей Анацкий
Alexey Anatskiy

Works as a team lead at Headhunter. One of the organizers of the programmer's school. Loves programming and trying everything new.