RU / Day 1 / 10:45 / Track 3

React is an incredibly multi-purpose technology, and it's used everywhere, from mobile devices to design generation. Have you ever wondered how it is possible?

In this talk, you will learn what React Reconciler is and how to create renderers using it, build our own React DOM, and discover how to connect React and Figma.

The talk will help practicing developers to dive deeper into React and React DOM.

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Ярослав Лосев
Yaroslav Losev

Frontend engineer. Core contributor of React Figma. Yaroslav has been dealing with development since school and has written his first UI using Delphi. Passionate about React.

Invited Experts

Никита Мостовой
Nikita Mostovoy

Frontend developer at Facebook. Started from an intern at HeadHunter developers school and now he has been teaching for over 5 years in this school. Nikita has been working at 5 different teams during all career. A member of the architecture team for the last year. The security of user data, the architecture, and the infrastructure of the project are the most important things at his work.