RU / Day 2 / 18:15 / Track 2

You will learn how using React Native, React Figma, Styled System and other technologies create multiplatform design systems described by a code. The targeted audience of the talk is the product company designers and design system developers.

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Илья Лесик
Ilya Lesik

Software engineer, scientist (applied mathematics), IT Entrepreneur, OSS enthusiast.

Invited Experts

Максим Гребенщиков
Maxim Grebenshchikov

Maxim's first language was Haskell, then he wrote 2 years in Java. After that he learned about closures in JavaScript and React. 4 years with Dart for the Web. For 1.5 years he has been dealing with TypeScript and its wonderful type system. Maxim is also good at state management.