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ES6 added a built-in concept of modules to JavaScript in 2015, though uptake since then has been more gradual, it is the de-facto default for authoring new JS today. In this talk, Daniel will explain two new proposals in this space, making modules even more useful.

  • JS module blocks let you run a module in a Worker without splitting the code out into a separate file. This way, it's easier to run code in parallel or keep code reusable, even when bundlers are involved.
  • Resource bundles let browsers understand bundler output better, so they can implement ES module semantics natively and improve loading performance.


Daniel Ehrenberg
Daniel Ehrenberg

Daniel is an engineer at Igalia, a free software cooperative, participates in TC39, the JavaScript standards committee, and has dabbled in WebAssembly and web standards. He's also worked on V8, the JavaScript engine in Chrome.

Invited Experts

Илья Климов
Illya Klymov

15 years of JS everywhere: from microcontrollers to rendering video in the cloud. More than 6 years of educational experience (at two universities and Illya's own courses), Ph.D. in Computer Science (field of interest: System Analysis and Theory of optimal decisions). Now works as front-end developer in GitLab.

Сергей Рубанов
Sergey Rubanov

BeerJS Moscow, BeerJS Summit, MoscowJS and WebAssembly Moscow meetup organizer, digital nomad, TC39 invited expert, WebAssembly Community Group participant, certified beer sommelier and community guy whose glass is always half full.