RU / Day 3 / 12:30 / Track 1

SvelteJS is a modern compiled JS framework that made a lot of noise in 2019 and became the most interesting framework according to "State of JS", and is becoming very popular. At the same time around him developed a lot of controversy and contradictions, misreadings and just rumors.

Is that a radically new approach? Is SvelteJS a framework or it's just a compiler? Does it disappear, and where is the "magic"? How does it work, and what does the "cybernetic improvement" of web applications have to do with it?

Let's look under the hood of this interesting framework and try to figure it out!


Павел Малышев
Pavel Malyshev

Experienced fullstack developer, project manager, and entrepreneur. Speaker at the most popular conferences and meetups. IT evangelist and CIS countries SvelteJS community leader. Prefers to work on interesting projects as a technical leader and solve complex tasks using various technologies and approaches.

Invited Experts

Алексей Золотых
Alexey Zolotykh

Alexey got his first computer in his second year at the university. After 2 years, he made up the first site, including for IE6. He worked his way up from layout designer to architect. Currently he's a team lead, speaker. Until recently, he took over the world with Infobip, a global business communication platform. Now works at EPAM.

Илья Климов
Illya Klymov

15 years of JS everywhere: from microcontrollers to rendering video in the cloud. More than 6 years of educational experience (at two universities and Illya's own courses), Ph.D. in Computer Science (field of interest: System Analysis and Theory of optimal decisions). Now works as front-end developer in GitLab.