RU / Day 4 / 19:00 / Track 2

The modern web has become too complex and requires a lot of knowledge. During this session, you will learn how to use JavaScript modules as well as technologies such as Babel, PostCSS, PostHTML, and hqjs to eliminate the construction of assembly lines and to be able to concentrate on business logic. How a modular approach can minimize the cost of maintaining an application and make it more secure.

Technologies: JavaScript, Babel, PostCSS, PostHTML, hqjs.

The purpose of the talk is to demonstrate the abolition of the assembly line, to help start projects instantly, regardless of the selected frameworks, to pay attention to the safety of the projects.

The targeted audience is frontend web developers from entry-level to architects.

The knowledge: how to organize the simple, effective, and safe way to deliver the frontend code.


Юрий Караджов
Yuriy Karadzhov

Fifteen years of experience in the design and development of large-scale web applications in an Agile environment. Strong knowledge of cutting edge technologies for rich graphical applications — WebGL/Canvas. Full-stack development. High-performance optimization both on client and server sides. Worked for Wargaming and Apple. Ph.D. in Applied math. President prize for achievement in science. Startup experience. Game dev experience. Management experience.

Invited Experts

Александр Канунников
Aleksandr Kanunnikov

12 years in web development, 8 years has been developing corporate web applications, including decision-making systems, production process control, and microbiological research. Open source contributor, consultant, and developer of developer tools. Russian Ember.js community organizer. Loves JavaScript, DOM API, AST.