RU / Day 3 / 12:00 / Track 1

Semyon Levenson, Ivan Popelyshev, and Yaroslav Losev, under the guidance of Mikhail Bashurov and Artem Kobzar, will compete in the speed of answering questions about the world of JS.


Михаил Башуров
Mikhail Bashurov

Fullstack JS/.NET Ronin, Typescript & ReasonML enthusiast. Type theory & compilers wannabe. Speaker & @HolyJSConf program committee. He/him.

Артём Кобзарь
Artem Kobzar

Hegel.js creator, JavaScript.Ninja sempai, UnderJS podcast host, pagan, outcast, traditionalist, post-modernist, underdog.

Invited Experts

Semyon Levenson
Semyon Levenson

Frontend developer since 2013. Semyon managed to work in a startup, state projects (Platon, Rosguard, Roscosmos), on the service for entrepreneurs Potok as team lead, developed a useful program for HR Huntflow. Now he does Yandex.Zen.

Иван Попелышев
Ivan Popelyshev

Ivan helps people with Canvas 2d/WebGL projects, knows many practical cases.

Ivan works with HTML5 games since 2012 (, he's a member of the core PixiJS team since 2016. When he studied in the math department at Moscow State University he participated in many algorithm competitions, including ICPC Finals.

Ярослав Лосев
Yaroslav Losev

Frontend engineer. Core contributor of React Figma. Yaroslav has been dealing with development since school and has written his first UI using Delphi. Passionate about React.