EN / Day 1 / 12:30 / Track 2

In this talk, Natalia will discuss the concerns every frontend architect should have when deciding on technologies and architecture patterns about large scale enterprise applications. She will give an in-depth overview of the latest trends, like micro frontends and module federation, cloud and static pre-rendering, speak about cross-browser, cross-device support, about performance optimization, and core web vitals.

To add spice, the speaker will be setting up after a diagram, live.


Natalia Venditto
Natalia Venditto

Natalia works in the role of Frontend Architect/Principal Software Engineer for enterprise-scale web software platforms. She is also a Google Developer Expert for web technologies and Angular.

Invited Experts

Василий Ванчук
Vasiliy Vanchuk

Passionate developer and troubleshooter. Works with great and productive teams and technologies. Has fun both with coding and communications.