RU / Day 1 / 12:30 / Track 3

Rendering everything is too slow. Adapting to the limitations of the virtual scroll is difficult.

Meet the fully virtual rendering which guarantees responsiveness of the application regardless of the page size and that doesn't require additional squats from the application developer.


Дмитрий Карловский
Dmitriy Karlovskiy

For more than 5 years he has been professionally engaged in virtual rendering with browsers. Dmitriy has made task managers, document editors and even a framework where virtualization works under the hood.

Invited Experts

Александр Канунников
Aleksandr Kanunnikov

12 years in web development, 8 years has been developing corporate web applications, including decision-making systems, production process control, and microbiological research. Open source contributor, consultant, and developer of developer tools. Russian Ember.js community organizer. Loves JavaScript, DOM API, AST.