Michael Saboff

This talk will provide an overview of the WebKit open-source Javascript virtual machine called JavaScriptCore. It will cover how JavaScript source is transformed into bytecode and then executed by the various tiers in the engine.

Farzad YousefZadeh

This talk will show the main issues and mistakes in UI modeling and how this modeling problem can be enhanced using state machines and statecharts in particular.

Roman Dvornov

You don't know what definition syntax is? That's not a problem! During this session, you will learn what it is, technical details and interesting architectural solutions.

Andrey Okonetchnikov

Andrey will tell about general architecture principles and React-specific techniques that lead to better components architecture and API design.

Eliran Eliassy

Smaller bundles, faster compilations, Better debugging, dynamic loading of module & components and the ability to change components through Higher order components.

After a long time of waiting, it’s finally coming for real - Ivy is HERE!

In this talk, I will demonstrate why Angular Ivy is truly a game changer, what's the benefits of it, how it makes Angular much more dynamic and breaks the concept of NgModules. We will understand how we can leverage the Ivy renderer to create higher order components (HOC), what is incremental DOM and how to import non-routable components dynamically to make our application much faster and much flexible.

Eric Schaefer
Eric Schaefer

Eric will talk about ReasonML that can help to improve codebase on the current project and how it's intuitive for JS developers.

Nicolò Ribaudo

We will learn about how the Babel compiler works, and how to create a plugin implementing support for a new ECMAScript proposal.

Alexandra Kalinina

Alexandra will talk about main reasons of switching to nestjs, what do you need to know about safe migration under deadline, what negative aspects of nestjs you may face and what to be prepare for.

Yulia Startsev

In this talk, we join the Nullish Coalescing operator on it’s journey through the TC39 process, and we will dive into its implementation in SpiderMonkey. You will come away from the talk knowing about the process from start to finish.

Андрей Роенко
Andrey Roenko

During this talk you will hear a detailed story about WebAssembly: where it's used and what it's good at.

Andrew Smirnov

During this session Andrew Smirnov would like to share his thoughts about frontend, what skills developer should learn and why soft skills are more important now.

Prashant Palikhe

In this session, we will talk about how the code that we write, HTML, CSS and JavaScript gets converted into pixels on the screen an example of Google Chrome rendering engine, Blink.

Ujjwal Sharma

A comprehensive comparison of the libuv and tokio event loops alongside a discussion of the different cases in which either outshine the other.

Zar Zakharov
Alexander Kamenyar

During this session you will learn a lot about Figma, about accelerating and simplifying the delivery of features and design updates, and also about ways to reduce development price.

Vitaliy Bragilevskiy

We'll talk about one approach to the study of theoretical informatics (and more specifically, the theory of algorithms), in which programming in JavaScript becomes the main activity of the student. We will walk through the main sections of the theory and see how Javascript can help us there.

Anna Herlihy

During her session, Anna will talk about classic compiler design and is going to explain how to extend Compass to support new languages.