Ujjwal Sharma

A comprehensive comparison of the libuv and tokio event loops alongside a discussion of the different cases in which either outshine the other.

Eliran Eliassy

Smaller bundles, faster compilations, Better debugging, dynamic loading of module & components and the ability to change components through Higher order components.

After a long time of waiting, it’s finally coming for real - Ivy is HERE!

In this talk, I will demonstrate why Angular Ivy is truly a game changer, what's the benefits of it, how it makes Angular much more dynamic and breaks the concept of NgModules. We will understand how we can leverage the Ivy renderer to create higher order components (HOC), what is incremental DOM and how to import non-routable components dynamically to make our application much faster and much flexible.

Anna Herlihy

During her session, Anna will talk about classic compiler design and is going to explain how to extend Compass to support new languages.

Rajat Kumar

We learn about how team at Netflix hacked Webpack, leveraged Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to identify conditional dependencies in dependency graph and glued them all together to build a highly scalable, server-side JS and CSS bundler, that serves these unique user experiences to millions of Netflix customers across the globe.

Vitaliy Bragilevskiy

We'll talk about one approach to the study of theoretical informatics (and more specifically, the theory of algorithms), in which programming in JavaScript becomes the main activity of the student. We will walk through the main sections of the theory and see how Javascript can help us there.

Farzad YousefZadeh

This talk will show the main issues and mistakes in UI modeling and how this modeling problem can be enhanced using state machines and statecharts in particular.

Nicolò Ribaudo
Nicolò Ribaudo

We will learn about how the Babel compiler works, and how to create a plugin implementing support for a new ECMAScript proposal.

Alexandra Kalinina

Alexandra will talk about main reasons of switching to nestjs, what do you need to know about safe migration under deadline, what negative aspects of nestjs you may face and what to be prepare for.