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Logo of conference HolyJS 2021 Moscow

HolyJS 2021 Moscow

Conference for JavaScript developers

November 2-5, 2021|Online


HolyJS 2021 Moscow is a JavaScript conference that took place on November 2-5.

We bring together JS developers to discuss the present and future of JavaScript community with the world's leading experts and watch dozens of frontend talks and much more. We dwell on both backend and desktop.


  • 4K video

  • Livestream and recordings

  • We stand by what we do. If you are not satisfied with your experience, we'll give you your money back

  • Contests and talks from the partners

  • Online discussions

Conference faces





We would not be able to hold HolyJS on a regular basis without the tremendous support of our partners. Our conference is growing and evolving thanks to their efforts.

If you want to become a partner of our conference, please contact us via email —

  • Platinum partner

    • ManyChat
  • Gold partners

    • Croc Code
    • ВТБ
    • DINS
    • GPB Space
    • Revolut
    • Сибур Диджитал
  • Silver partners

    • Integrity Solutions
    • IT_One
  • Information partners

    • oleg_log
    • DeusOps
    • MoscowJS
    • BeerJS
    • Jooble
    • Frontend по-флотски
    • CSS Live
    • PiterJS
    • FrontEndDev
    • Web Stack — FrontEnd/BackEnd/Design
    • ITVDN
    • CyberBionic Systematics
    • Коворкинг SHARE
    • Frontend
    • IT-World
    • Skolkovo
    • Hexlet
    • Math.random()
    • Jobsora
    • Мы обречены
    • Типичный верстальщик