HolyJS December 10 - 11, 2017, Moscow

It is guaranteed that all the talks will be on technical topics without any agile, scrum and team management stuff. List of topics:

  • Architecture of modern JS-applications;
  • Node.js: best practices, performance, memory management;
  • JS and ECMAScript specification;
  • The practice of ES6 and ES7;
  • Optimizing JS-applications;
  • Functional programming in JS;
  • Customers-server synchronization;
  • Application Testing;
  • Working with graphics (WebGL, D3.js, etc.);
  • Web API (Bluetooth, Network API, IndexedDB, Web Notifications, etc.);
  • WebAssembly;
  • JS engines;
  • JS on the devices;
  • Progressive Web Apps;
  • Desktop apps (Electron, etc.).
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