EN / День 2 / 17:15 / Зал 3

Robots are used for industrial automation for more than 50 years. Yet in the last years, lots of open source designs have been released. Also, modern JavaScript frameworks allow us to create rich and creative applications using top of the notch IoT solutions.

During this talk, the attendees can witness the creative process of prototyping a robot used for mobile end to end testing, a robot that automates testing on real devices. Finally, more ideas and possibilities about the future of mixing IoT along with JavaScript and commonly used web technologies will be thoroughly presented.


Theodore Vorillas
Theodore Vorillas

Theodore is a software engineer at Panther Labs. He recently started researching A11Y and he realized he could combine IoT and JavaScript to help visually impaired people. He loves FOSS, coffee, drones, woodworking and DIYing all the things.