EN / День 4 / 19:00 / Зал 1

Development is a creative act. However, we spend a lot of time cleaning up our code, refactoring and doing other repetitive tasks. What if we could automate it?

This talk will show an alternative way of using Babel: usually, everyone thinks about it as a modern-to-old ECMAScript compiler, which also supports a few additional syntaxes like JSX or types. But what if it wasn't just that? Babel is a general-purpose ECMAScript code analyzer and transformer. It could be used to create linters, minifiers, static analysis in IDEs, or... codemods!

How can we leverage the Babel APIs to efficiently refactor hundreds of files, without manually doing the same thing over and over?


Nicolò Ribaudo
Nicolò Ribaudo

Nicolò has been a core Babel developer since 2017, and he has helped with the development of different ECMAScript proposal.

When offline, he is a mathematics student in Turin, Italy.