EN / День 1 / 14:00 / Зал 1

Mapping is arguably the most ubiquitous form of visualization to date. Mapping is today leveraged both for expository and exploratory visualization and by verticals like media, government, travel, BI, mobility, security and gaming.

There are multiple ways to create map visualizations in JavaScript which depend on the audience, use-case, and platform we’re targeting. In this talk Nicolas will cover various forms of mapping visualizations including those using computer graphics APIs on the Web like WebGL. Nicolas will also cover map design techniques, scaling map data, and benefits of visualizing data in different tile formats.

Finally Nicolas will cover a unique set of map projections called Myriahedral Projections with interesting applications in digital fabrication.

Nicolas Belmonte

Nicolas Belmonte is VP of Maps at Mapbox. Nicolas is responsible for C++, iOS, Android, Web and Embedded map rendering engines, Maps APIs for vector, raster and static maps and Map Design.

Prior to Mapbox Nicolas was Director of Engineering and Head of Data Visualization at Uber. Nicolas' group built advanced products to explore self-driving car, geospatial and business data in the context of urban mobility. Prior to Uber Nicolas was Staff Engineer at Twitter, building novel public-facing visualizations published at the NYTimes, Cannes Lions and during Twitter IPO.

Nicolas' interests cover data visualization, computer graphics, data and math art, and the Web.