EN / День 2 / 14:30 / Зал 3

The title is inspired by "ClojureScript for Skeptics" from Derek Slager.

In this talk, Eric wants to explore ReasonML from a skeptic's perspective.

This skeptic works in a team, on a mid-to-large size codebase. This skeptic does NOT work on a green-field project. This skeptic would have tried some other compile-to-JS languages like Elm or PureScript in the past. Maybe this skeptic even used one of these languages in a hack-day project.

Speaker would like to show the skeptic how intuitive ReasonML is to a seasoned Javascript developer, and how it can be used to improve their team's current Javascript codebase, immediately.

To do this Eric will demonstrate converting one component in an existing codebase to use ReasonML, all without even changing the current build system.

Eric Schaefer
Eric Schaefer

Eric builds applications for the web using full-stack Javascript. Lately, he enjoys using React and GraphQL, with a functional programming approach. He has built software for Native Instruments, RedBull, Google, Zeit Online, and many more.